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  • Tummy With Mummy® is the world’s only foldaway baby & toddler seat with built-in tummy time which encourages face-to-face bonding at all times between baby and her parents. Tummy With Mummy® has been designed to take the stress out of tummy time, making it fun, enjoyable & easier to engage with baby.

    Featuring a tummy time platform, baby & toddler seat(0-36 months), soft fleece mat & harness(both included), it folds flat in 10 seconds for easy storage or for taking on trips. Tummy With Mummy® comes in 4 vibrant colours/designs and has been designed to improve babies’ physical, social & emotional development, motor & sensory skills, and to help reduce the risk of flat head.

    Tummy With Mummy® – Features and Benefits:

    • Foldaway baby & toddler seat
    • Tummy Time platform
    • Portable, storable & affordable
    • Quick & easy assembly (Folds flat in 10 seconds)
    • Helps develop motor skills
    • Builds upper body strength
    • Ideal for bonding
    • Ages 0 to 3 years
    • Wipe-clean fabric
    • Comes in 4 vibrant colours/designs
    • Soft mat & harness included
    • Perfect for taking on trips

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    • “I’d never seen anything like this before, but was excited to see what my baby thought of it. It’s basically a raised, curved platform for baby to enjoy tummy time – inclined a little so that she can see far more than if just lying on the ground or on a mat. My baby really enjoyed kicking the back of it as she lay there and she loved looking around and kicking. Easier for me too as I didn’t need to lie down beside her. It’s a really well thought out product and my baby absolutely loved it – fab thing to have – really recommend it!” 4/5

    • “I wanted to take the time out to thank you for my tummy with mummy. It is so awesome! I see firsthand what people are raving about! It is so well constructed… This product is fantastic!” 5/5

      Natasha Miller
    • “Grace loves the Tummy With Mummy product. She now loves tummy time. We brought it with us to Phoenix, Arizona for vacation and she used it as her seat. The best part about this product is that you can fold it up so compactly and take it for travel!” 5/5

    • “Tummy With Mummy® encourages tummy time, gives good positions for babies to engage in play and this has prompted nursing staff to use the variety of positions. It was enthusiastically used by parents and this helped therapists to reinforce the use of different positions for play & development.”

      Karen DeVilliers
    • “This has and continues to be a god send for my son who has suffered with really bad collic and reflux. I would definately recommend it to anyone who has a baby suffering from reflux/ collic. Amazing invention”

    • “When we received the Tummy With Mummy system Sydney (then 12 weeks) was perfectly happy using it. Sam, my 15 Month old also enjoyed using it as a toddler seat. After just 1 week of use for tummy time, ranging from 5-20 minutes per day, Sydney has already become much stronger on her front. I feel this is down to the Tummy With Mummy System, as she was never a fan of tummy time before. I give it 5/5 and highly recommend it.” 5/5

    • “Everyone (especially Baby Emma) is very pleased with the Tummy With Mummy. All who have seen it are very impressed and have been wondering why they had never heard of it before now. If word of mouth is anything to go by you should expect further business in the near future.”

    • “The pod arrived on Friday. It is genuinely very easy to set up, it folds out and zips up and you’re away. I worried that it was going to be one of those things that is so cumbersome it’s never used, but it’s honestly not. I set it up after his morning feed, and pack it up once he is in bed. Simple, it takes about three mins. I placed my Boy on the pod and, yes, he actually lifted his head for a good while! I couldn’t believe it. As I mentioned, I am a bit cynical, but no it works! Less than a week on I can honestly say that its been worth every penny. Tummy time is no longer stressful for him (or me!) and what’s more he is noticeably gaining more strength and able to lift his head and chest higher and for longer. I can’t believe it. I think the pod works because of the curve – it makes it easier and more comfortable for him, and because he is more at my level he is happier there. Gone are the days of us both lying on the floor. I can sit in front of him and he can look up at me much more easily.” 5/5

    • “Looks great & very easy to set up. My son liked it for tummy time & is very handy now he is able to sit up better. A bit fiddly to put the sitting harness in at first but easy to get the hang of. Lightweight & folds flat easily for storage. Great communication from company & delivered quickly. Would recommend.” 4/5

      Vicki Davis
    • “I got my tummy with mummy seat last week and i have to say its amazing! Florence is 10 weeks and only loves cuddles but she now loves her new seat. She is able to wriggle safely and be tilted up aswell. Also tummy time is so much easier. I wish i had this seat with all my kids now. Have a google ladies as i really recommend getting one especially if you have a baby who hates being restricted. Xx” 5/5

    • “Alexandra has developed faster than my other 2 children. She was holding her head up within first week of birth. She was a large baby 9 lbs 14 oz. We started using Tummy for Mummy within 6 weeks of birth and she progressed even quicker. At 12 weeks she was trying to crawl. It’s a perfect place for her siblings to interact with her during play time and also to sit her up!” 4/5

    • “This is a really good product, bigger then I was expecting when folded up. My son was 8wks old when it arrived and we use it for tummy time, he’s a little small to sit up with the harness as it cuts into his thighs because its quite wide between his legs but its ready for when he is bigger. The only thing with this product is when it’s folded up the fleece blanket and the harness aren’t included in it, so just have to remember to pack them before you go out! Would recommend this to anyone who goes out often and doesn’t want their little one stuck in the pushchair/sling or on the floor!”

      Autumn Bates
    • “After just one week of use, I noticed a difference in baby Layla, she began lifting her head up higher & for much longer than she had before, she looked comfortable, and to my amazement seemed to actually enjoy spending time on her tummy! It was such a relief & what I really loved was that because of the angled platform it made it so much easier for me, daddy & big sister Ruby to interact with her too, perfect for bonding.” 4/5

    • “From an orthopaedic perspective, when baby is pushing up on the firm, hard surface, it strengthens and helps flexibility of the lumbar spine & neck muscles. With the head up, it keeps in line with the natural curve of the spine. Keeping the line of the spine benefits the pelvis and makes sure the digestive system is working properly. If a child is lying on the back, everything gets compressed and does not work as efficiently. That sets up problems as we get older e.g. posture and neck problems, problems with digestive system. The vertical slope at the back is very important for strength and dexterity; for providing something against their feet which helps bone density, helping the bones to prepare for taking the body weight.” 5/5

      Lisa Pacini
    • “Loving her brand new pretty “Tummy With Mummy!” It’s so easy to put together & fold away!” 5/5

    • “My babies had a long journey in intensive & special care at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. I visited the premature parents group that takes place there every other week and was introduced to the wonders of Tummy with Mummy. My babies really settled beautifully on it. One of them is likely to be in special care for another 4 – 6 weeks. They have loved the Tummy with Mummy and once the (youngest) has grown out of it I am planning to donate it to ward C3 at Addenbrookes Hospital where she spent a lot of time.” 5/5

    • “I found the Tummy with Mummy online while searching for play mats for babies with acid reflux. Not only does the Tummy with Mummy make sitting upright after feedings for reflux time fun, but now my son LOVES tummy time! Prior to this product, he would cry during tummy time. Now he smiles and coos and has so much fun! Thank you so much, Tummy with Mummy!!” 5/5

    • “Tummytime without the tears, what a lifesaver!!” 5/5

      Clare L